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wildflwr_fields's Journal

Wildflower's Field of Graphics
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Layout graphics, banners, headers, icons, posters, mock book covers

the artist.
I adore making various graphics. I'm always trying to learn more and continue to hone my skills.

My favorite fandom is Harry Potter. You will often seen me making banners for Dramione stories.

I have recently begun to get into pixel art. Creating blinkies and sigtags are proving to be quite fun!

If you have any questions about my work, please don't hesitate to ask me!

♥ You must join wildflwr_fields to view most of my graphics.

♥ Anytime you use any of my graphics, I request that you place the credit information in your profile, linking back to wildflwr_fields or wildflower4evr.

♥ Members of the community will be respectful of the mod and other members.

♥ If you take a set of graphics (or even just one graphic) I request that you comment on that particular posting. This gives me an idea of what is liked and what is not.

♥ You may not repost my graphics and claim them as your own.
♥ No hotlinking or icon modifications (icon bases do not
apply to the modification rule).

deviant art | veer | icon tutorial | icon coloring | basic bases

beauty enchants | tearjerkericons | tomfelton daily | sassied

making graphics, modifying layouts, writing